National Allied Ophthalmic Personnel Week – 2021

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on November 9, 2021

West Georgia Eye Care Center is pleased to highlight some of our clinical staff in honor of National Allied Ophthalmic Personnel Week!  Allied Ophthalmic Personnel are those technicians/assistants who work up patients and assist the doctor(s) during patient visits to our offices.

Tiffany – Tiffany has worked in ophthalmology for 20 years!  She has been Dr. Curran’s technician for most of that time; but something that you may not know is that she started at WGECC as a receptionist.  She says what she loves most about her job is definitely the patients!  When asked what she loves about working with patients she explained that it is “the little things”, like helping a confused patient understand their eye diagnosis or treatment. She loves knowing that patients appreciate her role in their eye care!

Anna – Anna has worked in ophthalmology since 1990 and joined WGECC in the millennial year 2000!  She has worked as Dr. Brooks’ technician since her first day at WGECC. She enjoys the challenges of working for a corneal specialist, and likes learning new procedures like Corneal Cross-Linking.  Something you may not know about her is that she is a veteran who served our country in the United States Army!  Hooah!

Sally – Sally has worked in eye care for 36 years!  She began her career at Lenscrafters, but is glad she made the jump to ophthalmology.  She says the total experience of working with an oculoplastic surgeon (Dr. Cannon) is rewarding.  You may know that her husband Dennis works at WGECC, too; but you may not know that Dennis is actually younger and that she stole him from another woman! 

Keraly – Keraly has worked in ophthalmology for five years but she says she has been around eye care since before she was born!  Keraly’s mom worked as an optician when she was pregnant, and her mom, sister and niece all have careers in eye care. She says, “My family LOVES eyes”!  Her favorite things about her job are: 1. Service, 2. Seeing patients’ vision improve, and 3. Knowing that her role is an important contribution to Dr. Nix.

Wanda – Wanda has worked at WGECC for 15 years!  She says that she has been blessed to work with awesome eye surgeons!  Her first technician job was with Dr. Calhoun, and now she is working with our retinal specialist, Dr. Mayfield.  She feels blessed that both of these doctors are easygoing and easy to work with.  Something you may not know about Wanda is that she started her WGECC career in medical records back in the days of paper charts!

West Georgia Eye Care Center has a clinical staff of more than 50 talented and dedicated individuals, and combined they represent thousands of years of eye care experience.  We are grateful for all that they do to serve our patients with the best ophthalmic care!

Look for second Blog coming soon which continues our tribute to them!