National Allied Ophthalmic Personnel Week 2021 (part 2)

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on November 16, 2021

West Georgia Eye Care Center is pleased to highlight some of our clinical staff in honor of National Allied Ophthalmic Personnel Week!

Tech Bios:

Danielle Rodriguez – Danielle has worked in ophthalmology since 1995!  She has been Dr. Mayfield’s technician since joining WGECC approximately 6 years ago.  She says one of the best benefits of working for a retinal specialist is that you see your patients regularly for years which allows for close bonds with them.  While it is sometimes difficult, (she recently grieved the loss of a patient) she is grateful for very special relationships with her patients.  One thing you may not know about Danielle is that she had formal ophthalmic training in San Antonio and graduated with her COA (certification).  Her best advice for new techs is, “Listen to your patient.”

Scarlet Finley – Scarlet came to WGECC in 2003 but her interest in eye care began many years before!  When she was just ten years old, her father suffered an eye injury in the home that required an emergency office procedure which allowed Scarlet to observe the surgery.  After that first encounter, she was captivated with eyes, and her first hands-on patient care was irrigating debris from her dad’s eyes when he came home each day from the cotton mill.  She may have set the record for the youngest eye care employee when she began working with a local optometrist at age fifteen!  From data entry and insurance to optical tech and ophthalmic tech, Scarlet has accumulated vast experience.  She says, “back then, we did everything, from the front door to the back door- we did it all!”  Scarlet’s dedication to eye care is a family affair; WGECC welcomed her daughter Skye as an optical shop employee this year!

Willie Mazareago – With five years of experience in ophthalmology, Willie says it’s the patients that are the most important part of what he does.  He says that he has learned that “practice makes perfect” is a true adage, and he encourages new techs to hang-in-there!  If you have worked around Willie, it is probably not a surprise that he speaks fluent Spanish.  As far as his bilingual communication skills, he says they have definitely been a plus in his career and he is always willing to act as translator for other patients if needed!  Muchas Gracias, Willie!

Dana Jones – Dana began her ophthalmology career in 1992 – the same year her work teammate Keraly was born!  Even before that, while still in high school, she began her first eye care job by cleaning contact lenses at age 16.  Such a veteran to our field, Dana has sage advice for new technicians, “Keep calm and carry on.”  She did not know when she first heard that phrase that it would be a meaningful mantra; but she has learned that remaining calm in any situation helps to put her patients at ease.  Dana’s calming effect is probably why Dr. Calhoun always chose her to work-up his pediatric patients!  While she has bonded with many of those children and other patients over the years, her favorite contribution to her patients is when she is able to help ease their anxiety and their fears.

West Georgia Eye Care Center is great because of our patients; but also because of the wonderful clinical staff who put our patients as their first priority!