20/20 Vision in the New Year 2020!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on December 31, 2019

Patient History –

Our patient, Crystal Griggs, was a lot like you. That is to say, she had several things in common with many of our patients. In 2019 she was dependent on vision correction and used both contact lenses and glasses to bring things into focus. She had been dependent on glasses since grade school because of nearsightedness and astigmatism. Years of contact lens wear had taken a toll on the health of her ocular surface and she found that it was becoming more and more difficult to wear her contact lenses for extended periods of time. Trying to wear them for several hours throughout the day, as she had once done comfortably, began to leave her with red, burning, and irritated eyes. She was seeking the right option for her eye health and best vision.

Seeking Options –

On a recent Sunday morning at church, Crystal approached one of our staff members and shared her frustration with her contact lenses. A free LASIK consultation was suggested as a good starting point for freedom from contact lenses. Today, both Crystal and that staff member consider that moment a divine intervention. As Crystal waited for her upcoming LASIK consultation, she prayed and listened for God to guide her to the best choice. At a ministry meeting that Crystal attended that week, the leader discussed a different kind of vision… spiritual vision. Praying and seeking God’s vision with 20/20 clarity for the coming year was encouraged. It was then that Crystal decided she was going to seek 20/20 vision for the year 2020 in more ways than one!

God is Good –

The day after Christmas, Dr. Cynthia Nix, MD performed iLASIK surgery on both of Crystal’s eyes. When asked how her new vision is, Crystal enthusiastically shared, “Awesome, Praise God! My vision is perfect!” Her testimony is that she is committed to continuing to seek and follow God’s plans while enjoying her new vision. She says that God is good and she has a lot to be thankful for, including a recent engagement to a wonderful man who she calls her best friend! What a great way to end 2019!

West Georgia Eye Care Center wishes everyone a very Happy New Year 2020! May all of your choices in the New Year be “Crystal Clear”!