A Grown-Up Christmas Wish: “No More Glasses!”

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Uncategorized on December 24, 2019

Christmas wishes can be as diverse as the people who make them! At West Georgia Eye Care Center, we listen as our patients share about the things that bother them the most about their eyes, and what they want for their vision. Freedom from the dependence on glasses and contact lenses is often at the top of the wish list!


iLASIK is a very popular option for freedom from glasses and contact lenses for good candidates, and is a very effective treatment with long lasting and predictable benefits. WGECC is proud to offer the most advanced laser vision technology and the most highly trained and experienced surgeons in our region. Free LASIK consultations are also available to determine the likelihood that LASIK will meet your vision goals.

Freedom –

Freedom from glasses can be a realistic expectation for most people seeking LASIK; however, for patients age 40 and older the normal aging process can limit complete freedom. ‘Presbyopia’ is the name for the normal loss of ability to focus up close as we age, and is also the reason that you can buy reading magnifiers at every drug store! For many patients over 40 seeking LASIK, the need for reading glasses after their surgery causes them to re-think the value of the procedure.

Monovision –

While we do not yet have a way to prevent or correct age-related focusing limitations, we do have some compromises. Monovision is an option that works for some patients, in which they choose to have the dominant eye corrected for clear distance vision, and the other non-dominant eye corrected for clear near vision. Your WGECC LASIK specialist can help you determine if this compromise is advisable for you.

Eyedrops –

Breaking news though!! Eye Drops may soon be the answer for presbyopia! Two types of eyedrops are under development and in FDA clinical trials. Experts expect at least one of these drops to be available in perhaps the next two years! Drops that can eliminate the need for reading glasses?! It sounds to good to be true, even for Santa. If these drops perform as expected, patients over age 40 can have LASIK to correct their distance vision, and then use eye drops to improve near vision. ( and then toss the reading glasses!)

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In the meantime, we wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas, and we hope all your Christmas wishes come true!