Flu Season is also Pink Eye Season

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on January 16, 2020

Flu in Our Midst –

“Flu Cases On The Rise In Georgia”, “Deadly Flu Season hits Southeastern USA”, “Flu Statistics Grim in Georgia”. These are some of the headlines you may have seen in the news and on social media concerning the 2019 – 2020 flu season. The calendar months with the highest incidence of flu (the flu season) are typically considered to be from October through early May. To date, one third of the way thru, the Georgia Department of Public Health has confirmed more than 200 hospitalizations and two flu related deaths. Those numbers do paint a grim forecast for this year’s flu.

Pink Eye, too…

Along with flu viruses, this season brings increased risk for other viral illness as well. The highly contagious disease viral conjunctivitis (pink eye) is also making it’s red, teary, and irritating presence known. Unfortunately, short of living in a bubble, there is no perfect method for preventing the spread of pink eye, but here are some good, standard practices that can significantly reduce your risk:

1. Wash Your Hands! Science has tested and proven that our Moms were right to send us back to re-wash our hands when we gave them a quick rinse rather than a scrub. Thorough washing with soap and warm water is still your best first line of defense!

2. Don’t Touch Your Face! Direct transfer from hands to eyes or hands to nose is a primary route for viruses. Put up a preventive roadblock by keeping your hands away from your face!

3. Take Care of Your Health! Yes, healthy people can still contract pink eye, but to improve the odds of avoiding illness in general, take good care of your health. Boost your immune system with regular exercise and a diet rich in nutritious foods (think vegetarian!) and you will be better prepared to mount a defense when viruses invade!

We pray that our patients and friends will make it through this season without any flu – and without any pink eyes!