Madison Crisp is West Georgia Eye Care Center’s Designated Sanitizer Princess!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on March 9, 2018

With a smile that lights up the room and a personality that is infectious, you would not suspect that Madison Crisp of being an accomplished killer. She is exactly that and it is infections that she is out to eliminate.  Madison and her 5th grade class at Double Churches Elementary are getting the message out on good hygiene practices to kill influenza and prevent the spread of the “flu”.  At West Georgia Eye Care Center we have made her our designated Sanitizer Princess!  Who could say no to her when she reminds them to clean their hands?  We can’t, and apparently her charms have worked their effect on 18 million others!

Eric Crouch is Madison’s teacher and he can now boast that he has taught those same 18 million plus fans! With the help of his students, he created a video that has gone viral!  The title of the video is Teachers Collecting Papers During Flu Season. In it, some over-the-top precautions are taken to prevent the transmission of any flu bug that might be traveling on those test papers.  Mr. Crouch looks more like a HAZMAT inspector than a teacher and Madison is seen slathering the sanitizer on him after every paper is turned in!  What a fun way to make a meaningful impression on an important subject!

When Madison visited us at West Georgia Eye Care Center, we commended her for getting the message out to wash your hands to prevent the flu! Her dad said that they are all surprised to be part of this internet phenomenon.  You can see how proud he is of her by his smile, which looks a lot like hers!  We agree with the Crisps that flu prevention is something to smile about!

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