World Glaucoma Awareness Week is Here: March 11 – 17!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on March 13, 2018

To launch World Glaucoma Awareness Week, West Georgia Eye Care Center visited some of our friends in Alabama at a monthly meeting of The Retired Teachers Association. We were glad to have the opportunity to spread the important message of Glaucoma Awareness. The meeting was held at the Russell County Activity Center and Chapter President, Gwendolyn Lewis, presided. We shared the Important Four Facts of Glaucoma with the attendees:

  1. Glaucoma is a Leading Cause of Blindness.
  2. Glaucoma does yet have a cure, but there are treatments available.
  3. Glaucoma may not have any symptoms.
  4. EVERY age group is at risk from newborns to seniors.        

The importance of awareness is clear because if left untreated, glaucoma can cause permanent blindness.(Fact #1) If you are diagnosed with glaucoma, be aware that there is not an accepted cure at this time, and management is generally a lifelong process. However, there are many treatment options which can include eye drops, laser procedures, and conventional surgeries, depending on the severity.(Fact #2) Important to know is that you may have glaucoma without being aware of it, because it commonly does not have symptoms. (so screening is essential!) (Fact #3) Glaucoma has many forms, and thus everyone is at potential risk for glaucoma, although risk significantly increases for seniors.(Fact #4)

WTVM NewsLeader 9 helped us to get the message about glaucoma out during a segment with Dr. Bret Crumpton, one of our physicians.   Dr. Crumpton and Dr. Casey Geringer are both glaucoma specialists at West Georgia Eye Care Center, and they offer expertise in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma.

If glaucoma is a concern for you or a loved one, we are here to help you with the best diagnosis and medical / surgical treatments available from fellowship trained glaucoma specialists. It is just one more reason why ‘it matters who you see’ for eye care!