Blessings in the Storms

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on May 11, 2017

A weather front filled with electrical storms and tornadoes wreaked havoc across the southeastern states the first week of last month.  Columbus was not spared and many residents had damage to trees and property.  One of those trees was especially dear to Margie Tanner.  If you have been a patient at our Main Office on Warm Springs Rd., then you have probably been blessed by Margie as you checked out from your visit.  She has been with West Georgia Eye Care Center for over 25 years and she is a patient favorite. She is appreciated for her kind words and warm heart and she is loved by doctors, staff and patients alike!

Margie wrapped all that love around her to help her get through a time that no grandmother should have to go through.  6 years ago her precious granddaughter, Tiffany, passed away from a chronic illness.  She was just 14 years old.  Many of Margie’s WGECC family attended a special memorial in the garden that Tiffany loved at her Grandmother’s home.  A tree was planted in her memory.  These were the words Margie posted on Facebook on April 3, 2017:

“Very sad tonight. Six years ago my Granddaughter Tiffany passed away and I planted this tree for her. Today the storm took it out. But I know Tiffany is telling me that she has a much bigger one in Heaven waiting for me to see. So as sad as I am I thank God I had Tiffany for 14 years and her tree for 6 years. Love and miss you TIFFBUG and thank God for wonderful memories we have together.”

The physicians at WGECC heard about the post and they wanted to help. This is Margie’s Facebook post from May 8, 2017:

“I am so excited Thanks to the Dr’s. at West Ga Eye Care Center for their generosity in buying a tree for Tiffany after hers was destroyed by the storm and my Grandson’s Jack and Josh for planting it for us. We got a Japanese Maple tree so it will grow big and strong in Tiffany’s Garden. I am so proud we could get it planted before the Anniversary of her home coming with our Lord on May 12th 2017 it has been 6 years it seems like yesterday. We all miss you Tiffany and Love you with all our Heart.

The storms took out a special tree but God had special blessings hidden in the storm… the blessings of love and kindness!

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