We love our Atlanta Braves…and our Colorado Rocky!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on April 6, 2015

Today is major league baseball season’s opening day! While our doctors and staff are loyal to their home team, the Atlanta Braves, one very special patient caught our attention and sparked our interest in another MLB team. West Georgia Eye Care Center had the honor of performing LASIK surgery for Brooks Brown, a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies. Brown is a Georgia native who recently said “hello” to the major leagues and “goodbye” to the nuisance of his contact lenses! Thanks to LASIK, his high-velocity fastball and signature change-up will be unimpeded by contacts or glasses.

A recent debut on the league’s 40-man active roster, Brown is already getting good press. Just last month, Brandon Wise of CBS Sports blogged: “Rockies pitcher Brooks Brown is considered one of Colorado’s top options this season.” Be sure to catch the Rockies’ opening today in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

Brooks Brown was a great candidate for laser refractive surgery. It’s important to remember, though, LASIK is not for everyone. Next week we’ll introduce you to an athlete who was not a good candidate and we’ll tell you why it really matters who you see for your LASIK preoperative exam.

In the meantime, WGECC will be watching our own Colorado Rocky, Brooks Brown!