UNLIKE: why your eyes are unlike any other

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on May 13, 2016

Unlike (adj, prep, noun). Different, dissimilar, not equal, not alike.

Facebook popularity has redefined the term “unlike” to mean an option to undo your click on a “like” button, meaning, “I don’t like this.” But, at its root, the word “unlike” has less to do with your tastes and preferences and much more to do with DIVERSITY.

In recent weeks, our blog posts have featured this topic of diversity. The ophthalmologists at West Georgia Eye Care Center are medical doctors who are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the diverse human eye. That matters, because your eye is unlike any other.

The iris–the colored portion of your eye–has 256 unique characteristics. Compare that to your fingerprint, a popular identity-confirming, crime-busting forensic tool, which has only 40 unique characteristics. Retina scans are about 70 times more accurate than iris scans and 20,000 times more accurate than fingerprint-based methods of identification. In other words, your eyes are the most unique part of your body!

Click here to see a fascinating macro photography project featuring iris close-up of the editorial staff of the Huffington Post. You might be surprised at the shapes and patterns you see!


“It sees. It cries. It helps us communicate. Yes, the human eye is one outstanding organ. But what do you see when you look into someone’s eyes?

Most of us focus on their color. But give a really close look and you’ll see at once that our irises (that’s the colored part) come in countless shades and patterns…

Our eyes are pretty complicated. And like each of us they are beautifully unique.”       –Freeman, Dahlen, and Sankar-Gorton, for the Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Damon Dahlen


We love that you trust us with the care of your diverse and unique eyes!