Nubilus = Cloudy = Cataractous Eyes… The Choice Is Clear!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on August 2, 2018

Today’s Word of the Day from is NUBILUS. This strange sounding word’s meaning is ‘cloudy’ or ‘foggy’.  At West Georgia Eye Care Center we are experts at treating cloudy lenses of the eye… commonly known as cataracts.  WGECC is your Clear Choice for Cataract Surgery!

Cataract surgery is the most frequently performed surgery in the United States and the most frequently performed surgery at WGECC. We are the region’s leading cataract surgeons, and the only eye clinic in the region with a single specialty ophthalmic surgery facility: The Eye Surgery Center of West Georgia.

For a Clearer understanding of this most common of eye surgeries, we will present a series of blogs on cataracts.  This first blog addresses some common cataract myths.


Misconceptions About Cataracts:

Myth: A cataract is a “film” that grows over the eye. In fact, a cataract is simply the natural lens of the eye becoming nubilus. ( think of your camera’s lens becoming cloudy)  This is due to changes in the proteins that make up the human lens, and these changes are usually related to the passage of time (which some call aging!). In other instances, the proteins become cloudy because of things other than time, and these can include injury, certain medications, other health conditions, previous eye surgery, etc. Less commonly cataracts can be congenital, or present at birth.

Myth: My eye must be removed to take out a cataract. Sorry, no dropping off your eye and picking it up later when fixed! Even antiquated cataract surgery was performed with the eye still resting securely in its orbit.  Today’s technologically advanced cataract surgery is so precise and straight forward that it only requires a tiny 2 to 3 mm incision!

Myth: You have to wait until a cataract is “ripe” to have surgery. This was a commonly used phrase in the past; however, because today’s cataract surgery is more precise and straightforward, cataract surgery is usually recommended when the cataract is limiting the ability to perform everyday tasks.  Thus, a person may qualify for medically necessary cataract surgery as soon as the cloudiness is hindering routine daily activities, often regardless of age.

Our next blog will focus on the signs and symptoms of cataracts in order to make it easier for you to recognize when it’s time to seek the expertise of a cataract surgeon at West Georgia Eye Care Center… Your Clear Choice!