Not a LASIK candidate? Clear Lens Exchange might be a perfect fit.

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on May 1, 2015

It’s a night and day difference. (Russ Kinman, CLE patient)

Russ Kinman, retired contractor and self-described “macho man” launched his journey with West Georgia Eye Care Center with a free LASIK consultation.* Like most LASIK-inquirers, he was frustrated with the limitations of glasses. He wanted to enjoy his everyday activities without the hassle of vision correction.

Mr. Kinman’s vision had caused him an epic amount of frustration and disappointment. He had almost given up hope of normal eyesight. Since suffering a work-related traumatic brain injury, the past 15 years of his life have seen a fair share of medical specialists and clinical procedures. “Doctors are not real big on my list,” Mr. Kinman said, adding that despite his tough exterior, he was pretty nervous about getting any kind of eye surgery.

As it happens, Mr. Kinman didn’t turn out to be an ideal candidate for LASIK. We mentioned in an earlier blog that LASIK is not always the best choice for everyone. We never want to disappoint our patients, and thankfully in this case there was another option–Clear Lens Exchange (CLE).

CLE is sometimes referred to as Elective Implant Refractive Surgery, or Elective IOL (intraocular lens). CLE is the same straightforward, effective procedure that is performed to remove cataracts.

Cataract removal is one of the most common surgeries in the nation. Technology has advanced to the point that many patients gain freedom from their glasses post-surgery.

But what if you don’t have a cataract? The same procedure may be chosen by good candidates, on an elective basis, in place of LASIK. Mr. Kinman opted for Clear Lens Exchange, and couldn’t have been more delighted with the end result. “It was a life-changer, getting CLE. I never imagined I could see this well!” He was bursting with superlatives for his surgeon, too:

Dr. Crumpton is definitely on my Christmas card list. I’ve never had a doctor care from his heart like this one does. He made the effort to call me at home, to check on me after hours. Who does that? I couldn’t be more pleased with my eyesight. I’m thrilled–not only with my new vision but with the personal, genuine care I received at WGECC.”

Would you like to know if CLE, LASIK, or another refractive surgery can free you from the limits of contact lenses or glasses? Call (706) 243-2020 to schedule your free consultation today!


*LASIK consultations are always free at WGECC. They only take about 30 minutes of your time. They include the precision of WaveScan technology but no eye drops are necessary. This means you can return to your normal activities right away!