Need Glasses or Contact Lenses During COVID?

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on April 9, 2020

West Georgia Eye Care(WGECC) and West Georgia Optical(WGO) recognize that individuals may require urgent/necessary glasses and contact lenses during the Covid 19 pandemic despite the CDC recommended restrictions on routine eye examinations. For patients with pre-existing glasses or contact lens prescriptions WGECC/WGO will dispense these items; however, without up to date refraction or contact lens exam the patient assumes all liability for the accuracy of prescription(s).

Call Or Fax – 

Patients can call West Georgia Optical(WGO) at (706) 323 – 0149 or fax a copy of their glasses or contact lens prescription (a photo of the contact lens box(es) with prescriptions numbers) and your cell phone / contact information to (706) 660-9191. WGO is open from 8am to 12 noon each weekday, and a WGO representative will call to verify prescription and payment and arrange for pick up. If you have old or broken glasses but no written prescription just bring them in to WGO and an optician can read the glasses to determine the prescription.

Lost Glasses – 

For lost glasses or patients with no written prescription and urgent need, please call WGECC at 706-323-3491, wait for and choose option # 3 and we will do our best to aid you in obtaining the necessary brief exam for prescription.

Recommendations –

  • WGECC/WGO recommends that contact lens patients follow usual recommendations for lens hygiene, including hand washing prior to insertion/removal, no overnight wear of any contact lens, and the discontinuation of contact lens wear if there is any red eye or irritation.
  • WGECC/WGO also recommends patients schedule a routine eye examination as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Thank you and we look forwarding to seeing you eye-to-eye soon!