Mr. Baseball (Bob Uecker) and Common Contact Lens Problems

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on July 5, 2018

If you watch Baseball on TV or listen on the radio, chances are that you have heard the voice of Bob Uecker, and you may even know him by his nickname – “Mr. Baseball”. At age 84, this baseball legend is known for his durability and dependability, and fans have come to rely on his energetic play-by-play descriptions.  On Monday, July 2nd he was announcing a matchup between his beloved Milwaukee Brewers and the Minnesota Twins when he was forced to leave the microphone about half-way through the game.  According to the Milwaukee Record newspaper, the cause of his being sidelined was a “contact lens injury”.  Fans await the next game to hear the full story…!

Like Mr. Baseball, have you ever had to change your plans because of a contact lens problem? We at West Georgia Eye Care hear many stories from our patients about the occasional unfortunate episodes that can accompany contact lens wear.  The most common, everyday problems are irritation and dryness.  More uncommonly, contact lens over-wear (especially sleeping in contact lenses) can cause serious consequences such as infection or ulcers, even resulting in long term vision loss.

If you are experiencing any discomfort with your contact lenses, please seek the advice of an eye care professional. West Georgia Eye Care Center’s team of contact lens providers can help you to discover the cause of your discomfort and guide you to the best options for resolution. If you are interested in freedom from the inconveniences of contact lenses altogether, then iLASIK may be the answer!  To find out if laser vision correction is likely to meet your goals, call for a free consultation. This consultation only takes about 30 minutes of your time, does not require eye drops, and can answer important questions about your iLASIK options.  Just give us a call at 706 – 243 – 2020, and perhaps your contact lenses will … “get up, get outta here,…gone!”