The Mesmerizing Blue Eye

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on July 11, 2017

Our mesmerizing blue eye post has been getting a lot of attention on Facebook!

Trusted Words…

We appreciate all of your “LIKES”!   Posts like this one are created to share relevant and accurate information with our patients.  Just like ‘It matters who you see’ for your eye care, it also matters that you can trust what you read on the web and on social media. West Georgia Eye Care Center is diligent to do our best to confirm that every post and blog we share is a fair and truthful representation of the subject matter.   For over 60 years, West Georgia Eye Care Center has been dedicated to the highest standards of medical service and ethics.  Those same standards apply to the information that we post because our integrity is the foundation of our relationships with our patients.

Who’s Blue Eye?

We can’t divulge the identity of the eye but some have speculated that it might belong to our own Dr. Cynthia Nix! She is known for her beautiful blue eyes, but more importantly, she is known for her intense attention to detail and expert treatment of her patients.  Dr. Nix is a fellowship trained, board certified corneal specialist.  This means that she is an expert in the diagnosis, treatment and surgery of the cornea and anterior segment.   LASIK is  laser vision correction of the cornea, and if you have been considering LASIK in order to be free from the inconvenience of contact lenses and glasses, you can trust Dr. Nix to provide an expert evaluation and surgery (if you are a qualified candidate).


If our mesmerizing blue eye and the information it shares helps you make a decision to choose the most advanced LASIK available, from one of the best qualified surgeons in our region, then it is a post that we “LIKE”!