Masks… We Wear Because We Care

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on September 16, 2020

West Georgia Eye Care Center has a proven history of leading the way in patient safety and reassurance.  So, it makes sense that WGECC physicians and staff are wearing masks! The mayor of Columbus has mandated masks for certain situations; and WGECC will continue being committed to what we have already been doing.

Best Practices – 

The understanding of what is best during this pandemic is evolving very quickly. Eye professionals are accustomed to evolutions in best practices. Technology progresses very quickly in eye care.  For example, today’s cataract surgery takes about 15 minutes and most patients are back to their normal routine the following day. Compare that to a generation ago, when patients had to remain in the hospital for days following cataract surgery.  Sandbags were positioned around patient’s heads to keep them steady during recovery. As technology advances and as new research leads to better methods, WGECC invests in the best available for the benefit of our patients. We stay progressive.

Beneficial & Progressive – 

Masks can be viewed through that same lens (in some ways). They are progressive, too. Research collected by epidemiologists (specialists in contagions like the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19) indicates that transmission of the virus is significantly reduced by the use of a face covering. When once, masks were reserved for surgical situations to contain the spread of microorganisms; we now know that they are beneficial in the clinic setting, too.  During this pandemic, to contain the spread of COVID-19, masks are an important defense.

Sounds Simple – 

Compared to lasers, micro-surgical equipment, UV activated riboflavin, and so many other progressive technological advances used at WGECC, a mask may sound simple and maybe even trivial. But West Georgia Eye Care’s mission and values bear witness to there being nothing trivial about providing for the best patient care. For now, that includes all of our physicians, staff and patients wearing facial coverings.

We wear because we care!