Investing in interoperablility

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on August 14, 2015

You can trust West Georgia Eye Care Center to offer you the best options in eye care. We invest in the most cutting-edge technologies, and were the first iLASIK provider in Georgia to offer advanced IFS technology with the fastest laser in the industry. But did you know that our investments in modern technology include improvements and innovations in our electronic health records (EHR)?

Interoperability is the current buzzword in EHR. While the definition can be diverse, interoperability in medicine essentially refers to the fact that patient information can be shared with permission among providers, including hospitals and clinics. It means you are allowed to access your own health records and share them with the other medical professionals you choose.

Sounds simple, right? In theory, it is. But here’s the problem: different systems speak different languages and are often unable to communicate with one another. This technological “language barrier” in health care is significant enough that our federal government is preparing to regulate and mandate interoperability.

Rest assured, WGECC is already hard at work updating our systems and getting ahead of the potential problems that hinder interoperability. If you have any difficulty accessing your records, you may contact our medical records department at 706-323-3491 ext. 7520.