I Really Want iLASIK But I’m Nervous and a Little Scared!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on May 31, 2018

If fear is standing between you and iLASIK (and your freedom from glasses), there are a few things you should know!  The first is that you’re not alone! This is probably the most frequent concern shared during our iLASIK consultations.  Let’s settle this fear issue, once and for all!


Give it to me straight. Just how painful is the iLASIK procedure?

The truth is – it varies. We all have different tolerances for discomfort. Before the procedure, patients are given anesthetic eye drops to minimize discomfort. You can expect to feel pressure on your eye at the start of the procedure while the cornea is prepped for correction. However, this is not usually painful and any uncomfortable pressure-like sensation will last less than a minute.  Additionally, we do offer a pre-medication to help you be in a “happy-place”.


So I might not feel any significant pain during the procedure, but what is recovery like?

With iLASIK, most patients feel some burning, tearing and scratchy feeling once the anesthetic drops wear off, lasting a few hours at most. We counsel patients to go home and take a nap if possible to hopefully sleep through this initial period. By the next morning virtually all patients feel fine. Additionally, a good number of patients experience no pain at all.


With PRK, there can be a little more discomfort lasting a couple of days at most, but again this varies according to pain tolerance. If you’re concerned about being in pain, we can provide counsel and recommendations on pain medications that will help you manage discomfort.


This might sound odd, but what if I twitch or get scared during the procedure, and end up moving my head or blinking?

This is actually a very common concern, but not one that you should worry about. The drops used to numb your eyes will diminish the need to blink. Your eye will also be held open with a small device that prevents blinking. And to keep your head from moving, the surgeon will rest his/her hands on your forehead to remind you to hold still. All you need to do is relax and watch the blinking target light above you.


If focusing on a target still seems like a challenge, technology will come to your aid. There is a sophisticated infrared eye tracker that monitors the position of your eye, and automatically adjusts for any minute, involuntary ocular movements.  Finally, there is an automatic shut off that will occur should your eye move beyond a certain range.


That is reassuring, and I’m ready to take the next step!

That sounds great! You have found the area’s only Corneal Fellowship Trained iLASIK Certified Specialists!  Give us a call at 706 507 7528 and we will be happy to answer any additional questions or set up an appointment!