Glasses / Contact Lens Selfie!!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Uncategorized on December 9, 2020

At the bottom of a Silver Springs canal in Florida, in the pocket of an international airline seat, or on a café table in Paris… these are real places where patients have left their glasses!

In the whitewater, in the surf at a beach, or on a ski lift… these are real places where patients have lost a contact lens!

Mishaps Happen – 

These things happen, and no matter how conscientious we try to be about caring for our glasses or contacts these essentials sometimes get left behind or lost.  Like everything else in life, it is good to be prepared for potential mishaps.

Preparation used to mean placing a paper copy of your latest glasses or contact lenses prescription inside your wallet, but there is now an even easier way….the glasses or contact lens selfie!

How To – 

Just take a picture of your glasses and/or contact lens prescription, or the box your contacts come in (especially the end where the numbers are!) and store it on your smart phone.

If the unexpected happens, just think how convenient it will be to show an optician or optometrist your prescription to be able to purchase a replacement.

Also Helpful – 

A stored prescription can be helpful during your eye exam, too!  Patients who do not wear their glasses full-time sometimes forget to bring them to their eye exam, or new patients can’t remember their last contact lens prescription.  Having those numbers available gives the eye doctor important and helpful information about prescription stability or changes.

Additionally, our WGECC patients are always welcome to call us or post a message through our patient portal for a copy of their most recent prescription.

Like the Scouts say: “Be Prepared!”