Get Well Wishes!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on May 5, 2020

Across the globe and close to home, people are coming together (while staying apart!) to offer help during the COVID pandemic. One particular area where help is needed is in one of the most isolated spots… our local hospital beds. Visitor restriction protocols mean that patients are unable to receive encouragement and support through the physical presence of family and friends in their rooms. This can result in an increased sense of isolation – producing loneliness and a negative outlook, which as we all know can impede recovery.

RX Email  – 

Fortunately, Piedmont Columbus Regional has a creative alternative through which we can send patients well-wishes by email! The local hospital has launched two email accounts that allow families, friends, and anyone else to send messages to those confined to the hospital.

Special Delivery – 

The hospital requests that messages please include the patient’s name and room number in the subject line to help with delivery. Or, if you don’t know someone who is in the hospital but you want to share some encouragement to an ill patient, simply designate “well wishes” in the subject line.
Here are the two email addresses:

Midtown Campus:
Northside Campus:

Bedside Treats – 

Or maybe you just want to send flowers (or a Crayola get well drawing, or a lollipop…!) to a room in the hospital? You can send them to Piedmont Midtown or North or St. Francis hospital c/o “Patient Care Coordinator Office: for a lonely patient to brighten their day!”

The COVID epidemic may be separating us physically for the present time, but we can still find a way to connect. Innovation (email well-wishes) coupled with love (the desire to look out for the interests of someone other than ourselves) can be a winning combination…!
Hopefully this sense of love for our community and one another will persist long after COVID has diminished.