Eyes and Zippers and Getting Rid-Of Readers… When You Need Closure!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on September 27, 2017

Zipper Closure

Zippers don’t have eyes but they have a featured MSN story from the Business Insider. Apparently, one company on earth manufactures an estimated one-half of all the zippers used on the entire globe!  That is more than 7 billion zippers a year.  And while you won’t find an eye on a zipper, you will likely find a marking “YKK” which are the letters of the manufacturer.  In a quick search of zippers around the office we found them on COACH and KATE SPADE products.  These are high-end zippers!  Go ahead, take a look, you will be surprised at how many of your zippers have this common marking!


Hook & Eye Closure

Eyes are not completely left out of the closure gadget category. An early (14th century) device that is still widely used today is the Hook and Eye Clasp.  These fasteners were made by hand for hundreds of years until their first machine-manufacture began in England.  The area recorded with the first manufacturing of Hook and Eyes is in the city of Redditch.  The area was already famous for manufacturing needles and we all know that needles, indeed, do have eyes!


Closure on Reading Glasses Hassles

Whether it is searching for small markings on zippers just for the fun factoid appeal of it, trying to manage a hook through an eye, or focusing on the eye of a needle to thread it… you may have trouble bringing these into view if you are over the age of 40. This is almost always related to Presbyopia which is a normal aging change that reduces our ability to bring near objects into focus.  In fact, reading glasses were needed to take the photograph above.  Tired of your reading glasses?  There may be something you can do to get closure from the need for them permanently!  West Georgia Eye Care Center offers the newest inlay technology (RAINDROP).  To find out if you are a likely candidate for the Raindrop Inlay procedure:


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