Colder Weather Can Mean Dry(er) Eyes

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Uncategorized on November 6, 2020

Columbus, Georgia and the surrounding areas awoke to colder weather and the first frost of the season this past week.  As fires are made in fireplaces and heaters are turned on, homes become warmer and cozier; but an unwelcome condition may present itself as well.  Many people suffering from dry eye have an increase in symptoms as seasonal temperatures and humidity fall.

For Symptom Relief – 

While there is no permanent cure for dry eye, there are ways to reduce the symptoms of scratchy, burning, irritated eyes:

  1. Avoid heating/air vents blowing directly into your eyes;
  2. Use humidifiers to replace moisture in the air;
  3. Hydrate;
  4. Add Omega-3 Oils or a supplement to your diet;
  5. Wear a sleeping eye mask;
  6. Don’t Smoke;
  7. Use artificial tears often for lubrication; and,
  8. Blink frequently, especially during extended screen time.

If Symptoms Persist – 

These helpful tools often give relief from dry eye symptoms.  If the symptoms persist, then a visit to the eye doctor may be indicated.  Clinical dry eye disease may be caused by an underlying inflammatory condition, and requires expert evaluation, diagnosis, and often prescription treatment.

Don’t let untreated dry eye keep you from being cozy and comfortable this Winter.  We are here to help!