Safe summer fun

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on June 3, 2016

“90 percent of sports-related eye injuries can be prevented by the use of protective eye wear.”  -National Eye Institute


From T-Ball to the Major Leagues, America loves her baseball. It has been called the great American pastime, and many enthusiasts consider it an essential summer activity. But, as you take to the ballpark, be mindful of a few safety guidelines to protect your eyes.

If you’re a ball player, you should strongly consider opting for polycarbonate lenses, says Jacque Pollock, licensed optician with West Georgia Optical. “Polycarbonate lenses, like the ones in safety sports goggles, withstand 10 times the impact of regular lenses!” A baseball to the eye can cause lifelong consequences, but sports-related eye injuries are almost always preventable, says WGECC ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist, Dr. Bret Crumpton. Protective eye wear is your first line of defense against traumatic eye injury. Safety sports goggles are designed to take the impact and spare the eye.

This weekend, catch Dr. Crumpton and Jacque in a special WTVM News Leader 9 Report on the importance of summer eye safety. Tune in Saturday, June 4, for more expert tips on having fun while staying safe!