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No Tohubohu!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on June 24, 2016

TOHUBOHU (noun) “Chaos, disorder, confusion” At West Georgia Eye Care Center, we know that the maze of elements essential to expert eye care can be confusing. Life is confusing enough, without an extra dose of chaos at the eye doctor! Therefore, our commitment to patient is no tohubohu! On Wednesday, tohubohu (a noun meaning chaos, disorder, or… Read More

Unity, diversity, and our three-fold commitment to excellence in patient care

With our North Office nearing completion and our patient population on the rise, it is now more important than ever to maintain a climate where every patient feels valued, respected, and informed. Despite the technical and geographical shifts to come, our commitment to our patients remains the same: We value our patients. It has been said that people don’t care how… Read More