Meet our certified iLASIK team

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on October 9, 2015

This month we’re focusing on some of the special people who make West Georgia Eye Care Center a trustworthy place for your eye care needs. Last week, we introduced you to our newest ophthalmologist, Dr. Evan Sussenbach. This week we’ll highlight some special para-professionals–WGECC’s certified iLASIK team.  Collectively speaking, these five individuals have served patients for nearly 60 years!

The ophthalmic technicians who make up our iLASIK team were the first to be fully certified for iLASIK in the entire state of Georgia. This means no one in Georgia has been doing what this team does for as long as this team has been doing it! Experience matters, and our iLASIK team is one of the variety of reasons it matters who you see for your LASIK.

If you’re interested in freedom from glasses and contact lenses, call us at 706-323-3491 for a FREE consultation. Our iLASIK coordinator will be happy to schedule an appointment for you at your convenience.