Our Top 5 Thanksgiving List!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Uncategorized on November 22, 2017

God has blessed us with another wonderful year of caring for the needs of our patients!  We have so much to offer Thanks for! The West Georgia Eye Care Center Thanksgiving prayer could span pages and pages but we shortened it to the Top 5 to fit it into our blog. We first posted our Thanksgiving Top 5 last November.  It is worth sharing again!  We are Thankful for, counting down…

Fifth – Expansion – While there have certainly been some growing pains (we apologize again for the inconvenience), we are thankful for our new locations. Being able to care for more patients in a wider area of Columbus is a blessing.

Fourth – People – The People we work for and along aside of are a daily blessing. We hear from your stories of our staff; the doctor who prayed with you, the nurse who held your hand, the scheduler who went above and beyond for you and the receptionist who cheered you up. We appreciate the people who provide excellent eye care for our patients!

Third – Patients – The patients who allow us the privilege of providing their eye care are the reason we are here! We are humbled by and grateful for their trust.

Second – Country – We are unashamedly patriotic and we are truly grateful for the blessing of living in and providing eye care in the greatest nation on earth!

First – God – The Creator of all, from Whom all blessings flow! Our prayer is that our actions and our interactions from our thoughts to our words and through the way we care for you will be a blessing to others for the glory of our God.