Three-Year Old Child Learns to Walk after Cataract Surgery!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Uncategorized on August 4, 2017

Three-Year Old Learns to Walk after Cataract Surgery!   That’s not a headline that you are likely to see to describe a child in the United States!

Technological Advances:

Technologically advanced cataract surgery with lens implants is relatively easy to access in this country,   and we are fortunately blessed in that surgical intervention is commonly available far before cataracts disable vision.  Intervention is especially important for congenital cataracts (infant cataracts) so that children have adequate vision to reach critical developmental milestones; unfortunately, in many parts of the world cataracts remain the  leading cause of blindness.

Eye Care for the Needy:

What kind of change does this type of service make for the people of Bulawayo? Well, we can only imagine how the mother of the three-year old child would answer that question! Her child was confined to sit because of mobility limitations from his impaired vision.  Returning this week, they learned that the child is now walking!  Restored physical sight certainly can change lives, yet it also has the potential to restore spiritual sight as the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus is shared.   Eye Care for the Needy, the non-profit organization that sends the team, appreciates your prayers and support to make these changes possible, all to the glory of God.