Snow, Ice and Inconvenience

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on January 22, 2018



Our hope and prayer is that you and your loved ones made it through the snow days safely! In our area snow is uncommon enough that when it occurs it can really disrupt our normal daily operations.  The management of West Georgia Eye Care Center always carefully considers what is in the best interest of our patients in these uncommon situations.  We weigh the inconvenience of patients having to reschedule surgeries with the risks associated with continuing business as usual.

This week we remained open until we determined that it was not in the best interest of our patients and staff to continue to do so.  We understand that the resulting effect was difficult for those patients in route to us or those we were unable to contact with news of our closing.  Many of our own staff and even some of our physicians were “snowed- in” and unable to reach the office safely.  Safety for everyone was our primary focus.   We appreciate your understanding in these unpredictable situations.

Your understanding is one of the many kindnesses that we appreciate from our patient relationships. Last week, we blogged on our patient “family” and shared some stories about our staff.   The snow day offers an opportunity for another glimpse into our WGECC staff.  The photo above is of Courtney Mauldin enjoying her time in the snow with her canine, best friend, Gracie.  Courtney’s is the smile you see at the reception desk at West Georgia Optical at the Warm Springs Rd. location.  Patients share that they appreciate her warm and genuine interest in their eye care.  Her co-workers love her for many reasons like her team spirit in the office, and out… Courtney was one of our Beep Ball players during the events for The Country’s Midnight Express!   Amazing staff members like Courtney and patients like you make a winning team!