Saving Vision One Screening at a Time

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on January 21, 2015

Glaucoma has been called “the silent thief of sight.” Unlike other eye maladies, glaucoma is quiet, subtle, hidden. With something like a cataract, chalazion, or a black eye, the problem is pretty obvious. Something is clearly wrong. However, glaucoma can sneak up on you, unawares, and literally steal you blind. How can you be on guard to prevent this robbery of your sight?

If you’re a citizen of Columbus or the surrounding area, you’re blessed to live in a community with wonderful health resources. Each year, WGECC participates in several health fairs and free screenings to help connect people to the eye care they need. Last year we provided free glaucoma screenings for over 300 people. One of the tests performed is a measurement of the intraocular pressure, since high eye pressure can be an indicator of glaucoma. More than a dozen (approximately 4.3%!) of those test results indicated eye pressure over 21. This number is high enough to cause concern and require further testing. One individual had a pressure of over 35 but was not experiencing any symptoms and was unaware of the problem. Without a screening he would have never known his vision was endangered!

Know if you’re at risk and follow up with the appropriate care. If you’re unable to attend an area screening, your eye pressure is always checked as part of a complete eye exam at West Georgia Eye Care Center. Call 706-323-3491 to make an appointment today!