Rise Up… We Love Our Falcons and Their #1 Fan!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on February 3, 2017

Rise Up! That is the fervent cry of all true Falcons fans who hope that, like the legendary Phoenix, their team will rise from the ashes to win the Super Bowl!  The ashes represent the 51 year span of perseverance with only one Super Bowl visit in 1999, which resulted in a loss to the Denver Broncos.  All of that will change on Sunday when the Falcons are victorious!

Win or Lose, West Georgia Eye Care’s own beloved staff member, Joe Allen, will remain their #1 fan! Joe has made the trip to Atlanta to support his Falcons more times than he can possibly count.  As a card carrying member of the official fan club, he unashamedly paints his face and adorns his red and black at every possible opportunity!

If you doubt that Joe is the Falcon’s best fan, look for his image around Atlanta to prove it. He is featured on a poster at the stadium and the image of his cheering face may even pass you on the road as it is displayed on the city’s buses!

Go Falcons!! Go Joe!!