Light in the Darkness

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on July 14, 2020

Whenever you think you are alone in this world, remind yourself of these powerful words: ‘Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.
– Anne Frank

Darkness comes in many forms. In our West Georgia Eye Care world of caring for human vision, darkness is the absence of vision. It can be the gradual encroaching peripheral loss of glaucoma, the central loss of macular degeneration, or the absolute loss of incurable optic nerve damage. Ophthalmologists are called to the task of fighting this type of darkness with everything available in their arsenal: medicines, therapies, and surgeries… defending and protecting the light for patients with eye disease. In this sense, West Georgia Eye Care Center doctors are defenders of light.

Inspiration –

Light can also be spiritual, attitudinal, situational and subjective. In this sense, people are often able to define and defend their own light. During one of recent world history’s bleakest moments, the Holocaust, Anne Frank was able to find the faith, courage, and positivity to endure isolation while hiding from the terror of Nazi occupation. Her words, written before she died at the age of fifteen in a concentration camp, are still an inspiration seventy-five years later. The isolation of present times is different, but the message for the human spirit remains applicable.

Encouragement –

We are encouraged to light a candle in the midst of today’s concerns. Hold on to the hope that coronavirus is something that we will not only endure, but conquer. Be courageous in order to stand-up for what is right. Bless someone with an act of kindness. Share a scripture or a word of encouragement. Define the darkness as the limited situation that it is, and defy it by passing on the light!