Is your eye surgeon board-certified? Does it matter?

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on September 25, 2015

Thanks to the age of information that puts limitless resources at our fingertips, most of us have the chance to research a doctor before becoming his or her patient. Last year, the Wall Street Journal highlighted the importance of medical credentials in the article, “How Qualified is your Doctor?” One proof of a cutting-edge surgeon is board-certification. This rigorous process ensures the doctor is up-to-date in both knowledge and skill.

At West Georgia Eye Care Center, all of our surgeons are diplomates of the elite nonprofit medical specialty certification agent, The American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO). Founded in 1916, ABO is the nation’s longest-standing certification program, and has a strong legacy of leadership.

“Our mission is to serve the public by improving the quality of ophthalmic practice through a process of certification by improving the quality of ophthalmic practice through a process of certification and maintenance of certification that fosters excellence and encourages continual learning. The ABO is one of 24 medical specialty certifying boards recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).”

Selection from ABO’s website

When choosing an eye surgeon, board-certification is crucial to consider. How do you find this out about a doctor? Good news, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to discover your physician’s credentials. Thanks to ABO, confirming your doctor’s certification is simple. Just enter the doctor’s name in the search engine here.

Our motto at West Georgia Eye Care Center is “Commitment to Excellence, Spirit of Service.” Similarly, “Certification Matters” is the trademarked mantra of the ABMS, with “Higher Standards, Better Care” as their signature line. WGECC and ABMS agree that board-certification is evidence of excellence in medical service. In the same spirit of excellence, the physicians and staff of West Georgia Eye Care Center endeavor to educate our patients on the criterion of high-quality care, because it matters who you see.