iLASIK, iPhones, and EyePhones

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on December 15, 2014

West Georgia Eye Care Center was the first LASIK Center in the region to offer the most advances technology for LASIK, called iLASIK. Many patients have asked if the “i” in iLASIK indicates a connection to Apple, Inc. and their line of iPhones. In this case, the “i” is for intelligent technology that is innovative, individualized, and gives incredible results. The laser is manufactured by Advanced Medical Optics (AMO) and is not in any way connected to Apple!

Apple and other smartphone manufacturers may offer ophthalmic technology advances in other areas, however. In our own office we use an iPhone that has been attached to medical ophthalmic equipment so that we are able to capture images of the eye with the phone camera. These images will be stored in the patient chart and are available to review at follow-up exams for picture perfect comparison. This helps monitor for changes or worsening of eye disease. Of course, the images are protected medical information and are not stored on personal cell phones.

iPhones and other smartphones also offer some more common uses in medical offices, such as email, inter-office messaging between doctors and staff, and telemedicine. Future possibilities include new apps that will allow self-eye examination or that can recreate the views of magnifying eye telescopes and other medical eye equipment. The doctors at West Georgia Eye Care Center are active in mission work both in our Columbus area and globally. An “Eyephone” (!) offers an inexpensive, easily transportable way to examine eyes on the mission field and to share information from remote areas. Studies of these applications for smartphones are promising.

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