Help With Debt (Medical or otherwise) Is Available In Columbus for FREE!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Uncategorized on October 13, 2017

According to a recent study, debt is the rule more than the exception in Georgia and Alabama. A report released by the popular credit report and financial advice website, WalletHub, ranked states according to their money management, and both Georgia and Alabama ranked near the bottom of the list. At West Georgia Eye Care Center we hear patients share concerns about managing their medical bills. Often we hear that accumulated debt makes it difficult to manage another payment, no matter how emergent the need.

Emergency reserves are a wise plan for all of us, but sometimes difficult to put in to place. This raises the question of how to be able to manage your money in a way that allows one to meet present needs and still save for unexpected needs such as medical bills? Thankfully, answers are available for Columbus and the surrounding area, and those answers are FREE!

Synovus partners with OPERATION HOPE to offer financial help at no charge to the people they serve! ( ) They invite anyone interested to join them to learn about establishing or increasing a credit score. Help is available for learning how to create a budget, read a credit report, and they even offer advice on what can be done to correct errors that affect your credit rating. The next credit and money management workshop is scheduled for October 26 at 6 pm, and workshops are located at the Highland Community Church at 3408 5th Ave. in Columbus.

West Georgia Eye Care Center offers options to help patients manage their eye care needs. We recognize that medical care in the US may be technologically advanced, but that technology also comes at a price. To try to alleviate the up-front cost we offer interest-free financing plans through CareCredit for qualified applicants. Information about CareCredit is available on our website at .