Halloween Eye Frights: A Warning Worth Repeating

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on October 28, 2016

Halloween Eye Frights: A Warning Worth Repeating

Frankenstein eyes, zombie eyes, cat eyes—they’re all the rage for Halloween costume special effects. While ocular oddities may boost your chances of winning compliments and costume prizes, the risk to your eyes is great.  Halloween contacts might be fun for a night, but the ultimate risk of cornea damage and long-term vision loss is seriously scary.

Click here to watch a WTVM interview about the hazards of Halloween contacts:

“You only have one set of eyes,” Dr. James Brooks told reporters, “And even though we all want to look good and have a great time at Halloween, or for any event, it’s not worth taking the chance to impair [your] vision for a lifetime.”

Each October, West Georgia Eye Care Center brings you warnings about costume contacts. We’re dedicated to providing you with the truth about eye hazards and vision risks. A few truths to spook you away from using cosmetic Halloween contacts:

  • Contact lenses require FDA approval to be sterile and safe.
  • An eye doctor must measure your eyes to fit contact lenses properly.
  • Even if your uncorrected vision is great, you still need a prescription for good fit. Everyone’s eyes are shaped a little differently, and an ill-fitting lens could cause long-term damage.
  • Fitting contacts isn’t like trying on shoes: just because it feels fine doesn’t mean it actually fits you. The contact might be comfortable, yet completely unsafe for you to wear. Only an expert can tell if it’s a safe fit for your eye.

Have a fun and safe Halloween, and make sure to protect your eyes from creepy contact lenses!