Eyelid Correction: It’s not makeup, it’s medicine!

Posted by: West Georgia Eye Care Center in Frontpage Article on March 13, 2015

Tom’s methods aren’t so unusual…

You might be amused at Tom’s imaginative attempts to prop open his eyelids, but did you know that tape correction is still a common practice? Brand names like Eye Magic are marketed for the sole purpose of lifting lids. Gravity takes its toll on eyelid tissue over the years, causing it to sag or droop. This can be frustrating, especially if the sagging lid begins to block vision. Tape correction is an effort at improving this problem non-surgically.

Is non-surgical eyelid correction a good idea?

Non-surgical alternatives to eyelid correction are temporary at best and harmful at worst. No doubt there are results: lids are lifted, creases are defined, and and vision can be improved. However, the risks outweigh the (short-lived) benefits of eyelid correction tape.

Hazards of non-surgical eyelid lifts

The delicate tissues of the eyelids are easily damaged. Applying eyelid tape requires you to continually stretch and pull on your eyelids, which can aggravate the tissue and cause even more damage. Also, the eye needs an ever-present, ever-regenerating tear film layer for protection and nourishment. However, the eyelid is often unable to get natural closure when tape is used. Exposure from poor lid closure can cause evaporation of the tear film layer and could result in eye damage.

What is the best option for sagging, droopy lids?

Eyelid correction isn’t makeup, it’s medicine! You want a doctor who is trained to handle the complexities and intricacies of the eyelid. Your best choice is a board-certified, fellowship-trained oculoplastic ophthalmologist like Dr. Sterling Cannon of West Georgia Eye Care Center. His credentials make him an expert at all things eyelid-related. His first concern is the health of your eye and protection of your vision.

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