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Physicians and Surgeons


Our Doctors have been serving the community at West Georgia Eye Care for more than 60 years. They are committed to delivering the very best in eye care and health. Click on a photo below for a detailed bio for each or our doctors.


Dr. Beaty Dr. Brooks Dr. Calhoun Dr. Cannon Dr. Crumpton
Stephen Beaty, MD James Brooks, MD Charles Calhoun, MD Sterling Cannon, MD Bret Crumpton, DO
Dr. Curran Dr. Mayfield Dr. Nix Dr. Speakman Dr. Smith
Edward Curran MD Nicholas Mayfield, MD   Cynthia Nix, MD Charles Speakman, MD Mark Smith, OD


Our Staff

Some of our friendly staffWest Georgia Eye Care Center not only consists of nine ophthalmologists and one optometrist, but a team of over 65 professionals. West Georgia Eye Care Center encourages and promotes professionalism with our staff through continued education and certification.


Our technicians are well trained with over 50% of our technicians attaining national certification as Certified Ophthalmic Assistants (COA) or as a More of our friendly staffCertified Ophthalmic Technician (COT). For patient's convenience we provide three surgery schedulers and a full time refractive coordinator to serve you.


West Georgia Eye Care Center provides patients with these specialists in order to make your visit comprehensive with minimal time or effort from you.  They will ensure you are completely prepared for the procedure and confirm that all of your questions have been answered. One of our physicians and nursesAs our motto states, we are committed to excellence in a spirit of service and we are confident that you will find that true (spirit) at West Georgia Eye Care Center.

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Optical Department

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West Georgia Eye Care can help make:

- eye surgery an affordable alternative to glasses or contact lenses.

- hearing aids affordable


Don't let cost hold you back from the vision correction or hearing you need.


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LASIK Self-Evaluation

LASIK is an excellent alternative to contact lenses or glasses. Our FREE LASIK self-evaluation test will help determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK.


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Premium IOL Self-Evaluation

This exciting new development allows you to turn back the clock and see well both far away and close up without glasses.  Recent studies show patients implanted with Premium IOL’s reported 80% never wearing glasses after their cataract surgery.


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Hearing Self-Evaluation

We carry only the highest quality of hearing aids available in today's industry. Our goal is to evaluate our patient's needs and fit them with the best product that will address their life style situations.


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